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9 Items or Less

10th Anniversary Edition DVD

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Special Features

Additional Score: Live! with Dave Moreno at the Ironstone Vineyard
Director's Commentary
Subtitles: Dutch and English
The Script

Plot Summary

Genres: Comedy, Family, Short, Silent

Plot Synopsis: After the Fellow wreaks havoc while shopping, he gets in one of hundreds of long lines to check out. In what seems like an eternity, he spots a very short line with a banner above announcing "9 Items or Less." Upon counting, he discovers he has ten items in his cart, so he does what every moral, self-respecting citizen would do - he goes to the "9 Items or Less" line anyway, resulting in a hysterical battle of wills between the Fellow and the Cashier.

Product Details

Actors: Joe Gillis as The Fellow, Matias Bombal as The Cashier, Jessica Scott as Crazy Granny, Mike Eby as The Clerk, Cynthia E. Jones as The Lady Behind the Counter

Director: Joe Gillis

Format: Black & White, Full Screen

Number of DVDs: 1

Run Time: 11 minutes

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